Getting the Most from your Virginia Winery Visit

posted by Neil Myers

We are asking the folks “on the other side of the counter” for their thoughts on how our guests can get the most from their wine tasting experience when visiting local wineries.

Guy at Sunset Hills Vineyard says the most important thing is to keep an open mind.  Maybe you know that you don’t like red (or white) wines or sweet (or dry) wines.  Maybe you would rather just skip tasting wines that you know you won’t like.

You can be a “skipper”, of course, if your only goal is to sample wines to see if you want to purchase any to enjoy later.  Nothing wrong with that.

But Virginia wines may surprise you.  Because of the unique terroir of the vineyards and the vagaries of Virginia’s weather in any given growing cycle, a particular varietal you think you dislike may, here, be unlike any you have tasted from other areas.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to taste the difference Virginia makes.

If you are the type who likes to research things before you go, check out Swirl, Sip, Snark, a blog devoted to one couple’s visits to Virginia wineries.  In their words, SSS is “sort of a cross between a serious wine blog and a vaudeville act.”

(WARNING!  It is entirely too easy to fritter away an excessive amount of time on the SSS blog vicariously visiting wineries.)

If you are the type who likes to make up your own mind, read SSS after your visit to compare notes with them.  Even their snarkiest reviews look for (and find) something positive in each experience.

Which reinforces Guy’s point to always “keep an open mind”.

What’s your advice for winery visitors?

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